Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Strange happenings with the Nick Berg story. It seems like there is so much more too it then the media and the adminstration is telling us. Rueters reports that the F.B.I. saw him three times, while he was being detained by the Iraqi police.

While he was held, he wasn't formally charged with anything. Something tells me if this guy had survived the war he would have been the next Lee Harvey Oswald.

Monday, May 10, 2004

Boondocks got it right

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"I'm truely grateful." 

Shrub is now telling America to be grateful to Dr. Strangelove for his efforts in the battle against terra.

I'm grateful alright, Rumsfeld smartly ignored all the prewar planning by the state department, which has lead to more than 500 soldier's deaths, plus he had no idea that the Iraq prison problem was a problem until it was on 60 minutes II. I'm also grateful at a leader who briefs the Senate Armed Services Committee and fails to mention this problem to them.

Where do I send the thank you?
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Thursday, May 06, 2004

The humble Commander in Chief apologized to Jordan about the Iraqi Prisoner abuse. Courtesy of Google here a gaggle of press coverage.

Geographically speaking Jordan is as close as you can get to Iraq without being Saudi Arabia, but why didn't Schrub apologize the Iraqis. Maybe he fiqures because of their close proximity the Iraqis will pick up the apology from Jordan:

Map incluced for the non geographically inclined.
Note how well Saudi Arabia is spelled on there.
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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

In my newer better blog I talk about Bush's Alhurried Response to this prisoner abuse thing.
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