Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Alright one more damn rant. In my impatience I check Gamefaqs again and some dude has impressions. Oh the horror. I don't know I read them sort of but the pissed me off.

"dIn my opinion, this game may disappoint some gamers since the gameplay and graphic is just a mixture Dw3 and Dw4 with Japanese background. In order to learn the new moves, you got to spend points to buy them just like RPG games. Furthmore, it seems you need some Japanese history knowledge to make certain missons appear. there are more different faces for non-playable characters than DW4. You can do a lot of different attacks on hores. For example, you can combos and jump attack with your horses.
It is confirmed that hidden characters are indeed in the games. Overall, this is still great game for people who want an urgrade version of DW3."

I did not write that RayChoi of gamefaqs did. In his eyes it is a drag to have to spend points to buy moves. That is cool to me. Now Koei lets you upgrade your character,what a concept. You can do different attacks on horses. This is bad how? Tell me mr Choi!

Ok the second thing this game is 'still' great for people who want an upgraded DW3. Dude what did you spend like 10 goddamn minutes with it before you ran to gamefaqs.

Now his next bit:

"First of all, I would say this game feel like DW4 , but there are a lot more types of enemies. For example, there are four types of ninjas troops in the game. The most interesting ones are the assualt ninjas that look like sumo wreslters and have powerful attacks. There are archers and rifle troops in the game, but they are as weak as the ones in DW4.The game seems to lack of officers in the game because there are a lot battles has playable officers who should not be there. In addition, you can have about 6 types of body guards to choose from (rifles, swordman, ninjas and female ninjas etc.)
Furthermore, the game seems be too easy if you not playing in hard or hell (expert mode). The computer AI is also pretty lousy in my opinionIn my opinion, the biggest improvements for this game is the character growth system where you can earn tons special abilites and movesets to build your character similar to diablo2. For hidden characters, I apologize for my mistakes on preivous post because I have not tried to enter the names, but I would say it is highly possible because Tokugawa Ieyasu,Toyotomi Hideyoshi etc has unqiues faces and movests in the game. Overall, this gameplay is pretty intense and exciting and the shortage of playable characters opponets hurt this game so much. Sometimes, the game make you feel like you are beating up the same officers again and again."

Once again I question has this dude been playing all night. I look forward to getting my hands on it and tearing into it. Still this guy is a master and clearly has dominated this game inside and out.

I have problem really with him posting how he feels or even the info he gives. But my real problem is that it is subjective and in a impressionable sesspool of adolescence people will run with this. Now they won't want it because you have to battle the same people over again and again. As if that didn't happen in Dynasty Warriors. That was what Dynasty Warriors was all about.

Also the guy could be a real stand up guy and maybe say how long he's played the game which character he used. That stuff could be helpful. How does upgrading the character work? Give the bloody details man.

Well that being said, I'm freaking glad my gamefaqs days are behind me. The Sengoku Musou board is so much more juvenile then the Bujingai one, and that's just my impressions as a reader. I guess I could link Gamefaqs and the board but I just told you who and where it was. So why bother. The site is gamefaqs.com.

Another game where you could "buy" moves that was cool is Devil May Cry. That action infused with Dynasty Warriors style gameplay would be cool.

In a moment of cockiness I'm going to say that my impressions will be the only ones that matter.
Damnit damnit damnit!!! I looked but I didn't mean too and I saw some spoilerish stuff for the game. Namely it involved alternate costumes with one of the characters. It looked goofy and cool. Here I am just waiting at work for my damn game to ship, and all I have is time.

I guess I could actually do some work. That would help too. Anyway I must clear those images from my mind and return to my work.

Later on after I have the game I will link said images. As it is now duty calls.
Ahh the anticipation is killing me. Right now it is 733am in Asia. Ship my damn game dudes. No seriously though I really can't wait for this game.

I know deep down inside it is Dynasty Warriors with a new coat of paint. That being said I love Dynasty Warriors. I believe this game is a combination of all the games that Omega Force has worked on until now. This is a love a labor for them. They deserve alot of credit for the work they done.

At gamefaqs there are spoilerish pictures abounding but for my enjoyment I'm going to avoid them. Koei has an english site for the game but all you can get from there are character bios.

I'm going to have to make my links the links to the Sengoku related stuff. We are in blogging times. Isn't it interesting that nobody remembers Howard Dean?

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