Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Now I must have this game before the week is over. I found out I don't have work on Monday. I may be getting Maximo -most definitely likely- as a Valentines Day gift so all is not lost. Still a 3 day weekend with Sengoku Musou and Maximo would kick ass.

I'm thinging of probably getting Everquest Champions of Norrath. It sounds and looks pretty cool.
Update - Ok today I found out my local shop will get Sengoku Musou on thursday or friday. Which is still good with me becuase it is before valentines day. My order will probably ship Saturday and I should have it by Wensday. I can have duplicates becuase I can Ebay or sell them elsewhere.

With all things being equal it still would be nice to be in Japan. Sengoku is getting hurt by this holiday in Japan I know it. Next time Koei plan better and Play Asia get them sooner.

I wonder if there isn't some guy waiting in line in Akihabara just so he can run in the store and pick up my Treasure Box for me. I'd like to hope that Play Asia has their own suppliers. In the mean time some screens:

And this one...

I like this one alot, thank you China:

These are dark days for this importer. Why? Play-Asia says Sengoku Musou wont' ship for 2-4 days. I think it was some sort of holiday in japan yesterday, still the game stores were probably still open. My other theory as to this delay is that it is probably due the massive demand the game caused.

Koei has been pretty tight lipped with the info regarding the game saving most of the hype for its release. Japan is more new release driven than America. So I imagine that it is hard to come by.

My only other option is to see if my local import shop can get it. In which case I hope they still got it with the holiday. Other than being really really impatient, all is well.

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