Thursday, February 12, 2004

Ok so I should have this tomorrow maybe by 4. I probably won't be able really write about it until tuesday. So the four people that care, please wait. Because I found how to link images I'm going to link one more.
Here is my namesake with Eblogger Hattori Hanzo looking all Mortal Kombat:

These images are courtesy of some guy in China until he decides to take them down.

What I'll end up with is two copies of the game. I can live with that as long as I get my damn Treasure Box. I appreciate Play Asia's customer service alot. I want to become and affiliate and plug them. For the record this template sucks and looks like everone elses. Maybe I should get a Spiderman one. Many years from now, someone will say blogging is so 2000's.
It is amazing how therapeutic blogging is. I'm glad I didn't Blog for Dean because that most be the most depressing bunch of blogs right now. He had the right idea but he was the wrong guy to do it. I respect the fact that he woke up the Democrats and made them stand up to Bush finally. A lot of Democrats were bending over backwards for him people like Tom Daschle and it made the whole party look weak. That being said it is a good time to be Terry MCualiff. I think I spelt that wrong.

I'm still waiting for my game, but in the mean time I did discover some good games to kill time. SSX3 is still fun even with my maxed out Moby. DW4Xl arguably the weaker of the XL games. Legend mode is good, Xtreme mode is kind of weak. I keep thinking I just don't get it. Disgaea I'm near the end but I don't want it to end. I haven't battled Majorly, Pierre or Prinny Baal. I'm at the end and I'm wondering "Dude where's my Kurtis?" And in the land of portable gaming I've been killing time with Pokemon Ruby. Still many months later this game still is fun. Catching elusive pokes can lead to lost time.

So I'm cool with waiting.

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