Friday, February 13, 2004

It is official I got the call. Soon enough I'll have two Sengoku Musous and that is before the American one hits. I can almost feel the plastic in my hands. The smell of the booklet. Strangely enough the Japanese booklets smell different than the American ones.

So its all good. The treasure box is still going to be my precious. I link alot of stuff here. Why? because I care. I'd love to become a Play Asia affiliate and get huge cult following like InsertCredit and reap the free game rewards. But hey this is a start. Some blogs are better than others. This one kicks ass.
Today should be my lucky day, maybe. I should have Sengoku Musou in hand by tonight. Of course with Valentines Day and President's day weekend it could be a good time for gaming.

I keep hearing cool stuff about Sengoku Musou that really gets me excited about it. I know it's just a game, but it is the game I really want. I should add I really want Maximo as well. Such is my quandry, how do I balance my time between both games.

I could post this stuff at the Gamers Advisory Panel. I'm a proud member. It's ok but I don't really know how I'm shaping the future of gaming.

In other console news Ninja Gaiden apparently kicks alot of ass. Me ,sans Xbox, wishes I had one so I could enjoy it. I have to find a way to get one without actually purchasing it myself.

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