Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Good news for Koei:

Here are the Top 10 Console Games in Japan for the week of Feb 2 - Feb 15, Koei has sold 624,977 copies of Sengoku Musou (Samurai Warriors) over the weekend.

1. Sengoku Musou (PS2, Koei) - 624,977 / 624,977 units
2. Pokemon Fire Red / Leaf Green (GBA, Pokemon) - 236,936 / 1,478,899 units
3. Dragonball Z 2 (PS2, Bandai) - 87,733 / 421,463 units
4. Famicom Mini: Super Mario Bros (GBA, Nintendo) - 60,286 / 60,286 units
5. 007: Everything or Nothing (PS2, EA) - 47,838 / 47,838 units
6. Famicom Mini: Legend of Zelda (GBA, Nintendo) - 32,441 / 32,441 units
7. Puyo Puyo Fever (PS2, Sega) - 26,186 / 103,072 units
8. EyeToy: Play (PS2, Sony) - 22,720 / 22,720 units
9. Famicom Mini: Donkey Kong (GBA, Nintendo) - 22,197 / 22,197 units
10. Famicom Mini: Ice Climbers (GBA, Nintendo) - 21,246 / 21,246 units

And probably Nintendo too! Information Courtesy of The Magic Box

Koei had projected a million in sales and it seems like they are sure to get there now. It is interesting that those Famicom mini games sold when they are available for free with Animal Crossing,in the game, and now Nintendo is charging 20.00 for them.

I've been pretty consumed with Sengoku Musou. Actually I'm balancing my time between that and Maximo. I don't know why Capcom has to make things so impossibly difficult sometimes. I guess the same could go for Koei. I really enjoy the branching story paths and tons o replay Sengoku has.

The menus have been translated online. I really wonder if I should get the US version. I know I will, but should I get it and replay it again. Maybe, what the hell. Already many people have figured out how to get the "5th Weapons" and how to get good items blah blah blah. Me I'm just enjoying the game.

The problem with the gamefaqs crowd is they have a tendency to want to dominate and obliterate everything without enjoying it. Suddenly what could be a great discussion about a great game turns into a pissing contest. It really is ridiculous.

I prefer to get the information I need and get out of there. Too many a gamer has had too many a game ruined by gamefaqs.

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