Wednesday, February 18, 2004

I delved into freeplay at my lunch time and didn't know which quit option to pick and lost my place in the game. That is the price to pay for impatience and fear of bad english dubbing. BoA's Be the One is pretty cool ending song, though it seems more Britney Spears than ancient Japan.

Now after my primetime viewing and Maximo I must figure out how to quit and save and play again later.
Today I updated the links so they have much more information, pictures, etc. Some translation is required and those are now linked there too. So far with Sengoku I've completed Hanzo and Sanada's stories.

I seriously want to devote a large chunk of my time to Maximo. It seems just when I start kicking ass, the game kicks mine. Crimson Sea looks really good and Onimusha 3 is just around the corner. I hope game companies get the idea and realize that its ok to release good games before December.

As cool as Sengoku Musou is, I fear that idiot in OPM will probably find some reason to not deem it perfect. Meanwhile Prince of cheap combat Persia is not only perfect but the Game of the Year.

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