Thursday, February 19, 2004

Good news for American and European gamers today and yesterday. Koei is bringing Disgaea to Europe. Capcom is bring Way of the Samurai 2 to the US. Mastiff games will release La Pucelle Tactics in may and also the fine Nasdaq delisted folks at BAM! are bringing over Bujingai. Maybe the summer gaming duldrum days are over. Summer traditionally is the worst time of the year to be a gamer unless of course you have a huge backlog of games.

I had a breakthrough in a couple of games last night. I almost beat psyclops pretty handily in Maximo and I discovered a really cool feature of Sengoku Musou. Basically instead of saving and quiting you can save mid-battle without quitting. This really can be helpful should you try to accomplish a mission. It all is making sense to me now.

Also I got my Treasure Box and official memory card. If anybody knows how to waste money it's me. Anyway the game I'm already playing and it still is awesome, though tonight I must get sidetracked for Maximo. Secondly the Treasure Box is sweet. I'm keeping the figure boxed because I fear it could lose its value. The book and the game cover everything are all gold with Japanese writing for sengoku musou on it.

I really liked the book which like the Dynasty Warriors one has character and movesets for them. Overall I'd give Koei an A++ for excecution, packaging and game play.

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