Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Check out Stuff 

Ok so I emailed Mark Twomey, the british guy who inspired me to blog. I assuming he's British of course the main thing is he's in England. Anyway I let him know I dug his blog and he inspired me to write one.

So sooner or later I wll be linked there. I have it on the site,off to the right, but just in case, I'm linking it right here!.

I'm going through this whole Ninja Gaiden deal where I want it, but I compained about the evils of Microsoft, but it looks cool and I'd have to get an Xbox for it. So to limit myself would be too, well limiting. It is an ongoing debate I have mainly because I go through this everytime Microsoft releases a big title.

EA to Distribute Samurai Warriors 

According to Gamerfeed, EA is publishing Samurai Warriors in the states. This can only be a good thing for Koei, because as big as they are in Japan publishing and distributing a big game like Sengoku Musuo would only be too costly for them.

Maybe now EA will partner with Koei like it used to with Squaresoft and somehow Dynasty Warriors 4 Empires will make its way over here. The only bad thing about the article is that they say the game will be released in May. That could be the other reason why EA is publishing it. There is a lot of text, missions and story. I'm sure EA will do a great job and hopefully they'll leave a Japanese voice option.

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