Wednesday, February 25, 2004

My time was spent deeply immersed in the Sengoku period. Yesterday I decided to play a little as Saika Magoichi. He is the gunman of the bunch and from what it seems a Harrison Ford / Luis Figo look alike:

His musou mode started nicely with a great cinema. It was really entertaining. After which I proceeded to hand Oda Nobunaga his ass, numerous times. The best and coolest thing about his story is that you have to protect monks. Which let me tell you isn't too easy.

They are these dudes with what appears to be paper bags over their heads. At the moment I can't find pictures but soon they will be abundant. I can tell this game is relatively popular in Japan, one by the sales and also by the numbers websites devoted too it.

I also discovered another cool thing about the endless castle modes. One gives you an hour to clear a floor and the more difficult version gives you only 30 minutes, with much smaller floors.

Enterbrain Sales Data 16Feb - 22Feb 

Platform Title Publisher This week total Shipment sold
1 PS2 Winning Eleven 7 International Konami 383,082 383,082 85.0%
2 PS2 SD Gundam G Generation Seed Bandai 287,430 287,430 86.4%
3 PS2 Sengoku Musou Koei 186,440 807,333 95.9%
4 PS2 Final Fantasy X-2 International + Last Mission Square-Enix 174,142 174,142 65.6%
5 GBA Pokemon Fire Red & Leaf Green Pokemon 116,596 1,520,109 73.2%
6 PS2 Gallop Racer Lucky 7 Tecmo 46,729 46,729 87.2%
7 PS2 Shadow Hearts II Aruze 45,335 45,335 54.8%
8 GBA Famicom Mini: Super Mario Brothers Nintendo 41,737 101,631 88.5%
9 PS2 Dragonball Z2 Bandai 26,036 431,333 89.3%
10 PS2 007: Everything or Nothing EA 25,507 62,753 77.2%

More good news for Koei it seems and Winning Eleven is a no brainer. That game sells boku amounts everywhere else but here in the states. I'm torn between getting the American one of the Japanese International version. From what I hear the International one is better. It doesn't matter now, I'm broke.

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