Thursday, February 26, 2004

What kind of person has a blog about Koei stuff and then fails to mention their big game they released today. Me, that's who. So here it is ROTK IX is out today:

Basically it is a strategy game set in the Three Kingdoms era. I've never played them but the people who love them say they are great. The newest feature in this incarnation is the ability to import your Dynasty Warriors 4/4xl and Tactics 2 save stuff to have characters in your game.

Somebody out there can explain it much better than me. When I get comments on here, that would be the time. Anyway if you love Koei buy it and tell two friends to pick up copies too.

Microsoft Megaton!! 

Sort of, it seems that rumors point to a hard drive less Xbox2. Gamerfeed has an article on it. So does Gamespot. Also in other strange developments the black and white buttons are going to go away. I'm no hardware designer but from the looks of it the thing won't be backwards compatible. But then again is Windows?

Interstingly enough no mention of them ditching the stupid logo on their controller which is equally as usless as the black and white buttons, but essentially good branding.

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