Friday, February 27, 2004


This is interesting, this search option directs people here. Which is pretty groovy. If you get here and your thinking to yourself. "You bastard, you have no information of use to me." I'd respond look to your right. I should have more in depth gameplay impressions of Sengoku Musuo in the future. But I like to cover other gameworthy things here as well. Sengoku Musou will always be the grandfather of my blog and stuff is the godfather of it.

I guess another way to get hits cheaply is to mention Paris Hilton or to link Hot Abercrombie Chick. But I really don't know what difference that makes.

Oni-missing in Action 

Gamescience has the latest sales data from Japan and it appears as though Onimusha 3 is off to a slow start. Of course after the success of Sengoku Musou anything else seems pale in comparison, but I think that this is a big enough of a game that it should be doing better.

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