Monday, March 01, 2004

Latest Japanese Sales Data 

The Top 10 Japanese Console Games for the week of Feb 23 - 29.

1. Onimusha 3 (PS2, Capcom) - 359,160 / 359,160 units
2. Sengoku Musou (PS2, Koei) - 79,909 / 884,649 units
3. World Soccer Winning Eleven 7 Intl (PS2, Konami) - 71,330 / 376,468 units
4. Pokemon Fire Red / Leaf Green (GBA, Pokemon) - 66,316 / 1,562,455 units
5. Kaido Battle 2: Chain Reaction (PS2, Genki) - 53,192 / 53,192 units
6. SD Gundam G Generation Seed (PS2, Bandai) - 42,226 / 326,987 units
7. Final Fantasy X-2 International/ Last Mission (PS2, Square Enix) - 28,522 / 200,011 units
8. Famicom Mini: Super Mario Bros. (GBA, Nintendo) - 23,992 / 140,456 units
9. Famicom Mini: Ice Climber (GBA, NIntendo) - 18,648 / 60,347 units
10. Gallop Racer Lucky 7 (PS2, Tecmo) -16,720 / 49,248 units

Courtesy of The Magic Box. It looks like Onimusha 3 is doing better but still is off to a slow start.

This weekend I delved heavily into Sengoku Musou! First off I have to say that certain characters I thought would suck actually were pretty cool the more time I spent with them. Namely Akechi Mitushide, at first glance he looks like a girlish boy and totally lame. But after a few hours/days and a weekend he's definitely a top tier character. His musuo attack really is the clincher. Though a couple of the ssstt combos are nice too. The musou on the other hand can really wreak havoc upon a large contingent of enemies quickly.

Another character I thought would suck but is kind of growing on me. The one I unlocked for finishing Akechi's story mode Mori Ranmaru. I guess in the game she's a girl, in real life Mori was a dude. There is this who **potiental spoilers abound** side story about her relationship with Akechi during his story mode. And his CG ending is kind of tragic which I won't go into detail, but needless to say it leaves you wondering.

I also just started powering up and quasi enjoying Takeda Shingen. Normally I'm not a big fan of slow big guys and I'm not really of him. But I need to finish his story to unlock Kunoichi and also to be able to complete some missions in Sanada's story mode. He plays like you expect, slow and powerful. Sometimes it seems like I'm walking a character who is stuck in glue. Even with the speed sandals he still seems slow. Though somehow he does manage to arrive where he needs to at the right time, so maybe compared to Hanzo he is slow.

This weekend also led to a breakthrough with my playing, I actually got stuck. So far I've been clearing stages at a nice clip, but with Takeda I actually got stuck and had to do it three times. There is this battle on his third stage I believe?!?, where you have to basically take out Oda's riflemen commanders or "all your base" will belong to Oda. It took me multiple tries to realize I had to run to the three blinking blue spots on the map and kill the commanding officers there.

Some stages even after you finish them aren't finished. This happened when I played as Oichi a week ago and thought I dusted Oda and was done. Unfortunately or fortunately for some I was not. I had to save once and then proceed to zip through this castle or risk getting burned. The same thing happened with Takeda, which would be ok, if the dude wasn't so slow. Still its all good, I think this game will be even better when EA publishes it. I don't know why but I do. Maybe because I can understand it.

A couple of complaints during Akechi's story mode my game literally froze. This was my treasure box disc and not the regular one which I have. I know soon I'll part with one. Anyway I was playing it and the game froze at least three times. Now Sony and game companies alike have had this happen in Japan, so I'm not surprised. Something told me though that it was my disc, because I switched back to the non treasure box one it was fine. Go Figure?

And the Oscar doesn't go too... 

It was a travesty last night that Sean Penn won really. I'm relatively happy for him the guy is a brilliant actor, but seriously Bill Murray was a shoe in. Sean Penn could have got it years ago for many other roles, and there is no denying he will be nominated again.

Maybe that was hollywood's way of getting Bill Murray to do yet another cool independent film again, who knows? Still overall I'd have to say it wasn't a bad Oscar cermony but seeing ROTK win again and again did wear on me.

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