Friday, March 05, 2004

The Ninja Conundrum 

Ok so I'm going into this whole long thing about me and my non Xboxing. Prepare to be entertained.

When Xbox was announced Microsoft was the center of evil in the galaxy. I guess they are still, but it was more obvious back then. So like all people I bitched and railed and said how they were going to fail, which relatively speaking they have. Anyway I didn't want one, I never wanted to own one. But as time has worn on so has my resolve.

First it kind of started with Halo. That game looks pretty wicked cool. Ok I'm not a big FPS guy, the main reason being the fricking headaches and the neckaches. That happens. Kojima-san can't play them at all. He gets motion sickness. I'm not Kojima. I like them but I don't love them.

Then there was a lull and a whole bunch of crap that came out that I could care less about. Here for example is the pinacle of a crap licensed exclusive game:

Bruce Lee in game made by Sega might be good, but not by whoever the hell made this one. So game of this quality really made me not care for an Xbox. The problem I mainly have is for every Ninja Gaiden there are 10 Bruce Lees. The same could be said for PS2.

Then it happened again. With Knights of the Old Republic. A cool fun awesome Star Wars game, that messes up your Xbox, nifty. Well sign me up. The cool thing about the game was the branching story and the chance to play as good or evil with the force. I still so very much want this game. A bitchin Star Wars RPG. Jade Empire is a game being made by the same dudes. I'd probably put that on my imaginary Xbox wishlist too if I could.

It is Ninja Gaiden that just makes it so hard to deny myself the Xbox experience. For now it is going to have wait because I have Harvest Moon coming out the 16th and I'm broke. So my wife has to hear me complain about the evilness of Microsoft and suddenly over the past year or two I don't hate them. I've kind of grown up. In the past I would spew vitriolic insults about the evils of them as a company. They are probably still evil, but at least they aren't run by Micheal Eisner.

Maybe what I'll do is tell my wife that I've change my stance and I'd like her blessing to bring the evil machine in our house. If not then I'll ask for it as a birthday present or something. I think too I suffer from what every game does during the end of a hardware cycle. I don't want a ps3 I just want something new. I'm perfectly happy with the current cycle but I'm due for a chance. There quiet a few Gamecube games on tap that I could get into as well. But I already own a Gamecube. With the box my hardware collection would be complete.
More as it develops...

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