Friday, March 12, 2004

Congradulations Koei 

Koei has the first million selling game of the year Sengoku Musou. According to Game Science. Logically one can assume a sequel is in the works.

It is one of my favorite games of this year and I look forward to playing it in english. Dengeki actually covered the original story!
Today I'm trying to get a bunch of games and some curry. I just read a gamefaqs review, I know I was slumming it, that made me salivate for Onimusha 3.(Thanks donutbringer) Tonight that game will be mine. I'll probably go for Twin Snakes the Metal Gear remake becuase I dig Kojima and I want some Ninja action.

I'm halfway tempted to go for Pokemon Coliseum, I wonder if you don't preorder are you screwed on the bonus disc. I think not. Anyway Pokemon will have to wait becuase Harvest Moon is out next tuesday. Either way I'll be busy gaming until may.

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