Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Fuck You Ralph Nader!

Conspiracies Abound 

Kiwi News reports that US and Britain are bringing WMD's into southern Iraq. I guess this is the other "October Surprise" if Osama isn't found.

Now it is currently a theory but this adminstration is desperate, so I wouldn't put it past them. Can we imagine George Bush's smirk?

In Defense of Howard Stern 

Howard Stern gets too much shit these days. THere is a really good article on it all covered here. I admit I didn't like the show so much when the Jokeman left, but lately now that its Stern vs Bush, it has gotten alot better.

One interesting point in the article.

The Vice Chair of the company is Tom Hicks, a member of the Bush Pioneer club for elite (and generous) donors. When Bush was governor of Texas, Hicks was chairman of the University of Texas Investment Management Co., called Utimco, and Clear Channel's chairman, Lowry Mays, was on its board

Interesting so is this little tid bit.

In addition, Hicks purchased the Texas Rangers from George Bush, making him a wealthy man through a deal that was partially sweetened by a shiny new taxpayer financed stadium, which included valuable land obtained at below market rates through the use of eminent domain.

I would have never thought that. And the clincher of course is that he didn't get kicked off and start railing against Bush, it was the other way around.

And less than two weeks after Sterns diatribe against President Bush, and less than a week after Clear Channel removed Stern’s show from its stations, the FCC announced that it was, “close to levying about two dozen fines for indecency against radio companies, including Viacom Inc.'s Infinity Broadcasting (Stern’s parent company) and Clear Channel Communications Inc.” (“FCC Planning Two Dozen Indecency Fines Against Radio,” March 5th ,Bloomberg.com). By the way, the current chairman of the FCC is Michael Powell, the son General Colin Powell, the current Secretary of Sate and a close advisor to both Bush administrations.

Smells like a witch hunt to me.

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