Tuesday, March 23, 2004

I miss the days when everybody thought Anna Kournikova was the coolest thing. But in the days of Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson our poor girl Anna is forgotten.

She could do better than that hoser Enrique Iglesias but I think they are only together until they get their own reality show.

I have to say one thing that really bugs me, aside from this blog layout (maybe I'll go spiderman) is people with kids telling people without them that they should have them too. They are evangelical Christians with toddlers. I'm happy for them but really I don't want to join their cult.

"Do you have kids?" "when are you gonna have kids?" "Kids are great"

Thanks for sharing. People talking about their kids isn't cool, its annoying and really the only reason anybody listens to them is to be nice. What can be worse is somebody talking about somebody else's kids.

Kids are worthy and great contributors to our society but really until they get to the voting stage I don't want to hear it.

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