Monday, March 29, 2004

Keiji Inafune Rocks 

Having just finished Onimusha 3 I have to say I'm pretty excited about Shadow of Rome. Gameonline managed to steal some preview movies from IGN. Way to go Gameonline.

Keiji is behind it so I'm as good as there. He might be my new Kojima. Oh yeah there are Onimusha 3 and monster hunter videos too.

Shabu Shabu with Dewey and Onimusha 3 Conquered 

It was truely an eventful and fun weekend. First I blew way too much money in Little Tokyo but I did enjoy shabu shabu. It was pretty cool because Dewey from Malcom in the Middle was there and he and his mom were schooling me on how the hell I shabu shabu.

I did manage to complete Onimusha 3. I really love that game. So much can be said about it and I will. Sometime during a work lull I'm going to write up a review and post it here, I also email it to Insertcredit because and insertcredit rejection is worthwhile.

I'm about to play through the game again but faster and with less saves. That is my overall goal Somebody responded to my Prince of Persia reader review, that was interesting. I really think that game is overated. Somehow it is seen as the second coming. I've also managed to start playing the Sims Bustin Out again, for no reason at all other than I wanted too. For the the four people that read this or for my 19th visitor do yourself a favor and buy Onimusha 3.

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