Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Lately I've become something of a Capcom pimp over at InsertCredit. There really is no reason for it, other than my love of all manner of demon slaying. Which reminds me I should get Onimusha 2 someday and complete the trilogy. I'm replaying Onimusha 3 right now, I don't know how to change the costumes. I hear the hot french girl in there has a nice alternate one.

Somehow I can't find out how to access them though. I'm probably going to the get the english version and squeeze the life out of it. From what I'm reading on Gamefaqs I'm glad I waited on Monster Hunter. My time is best served appreciating the games I have and watching lots of Naruto.

Someday Naruto will be the new Yu Gi Oh, I believe it. Naruto is cooler then Yu Gi in some respects, but I still have a soft spot for Yu Gi because he's what got me into manga and Shonen Jump.

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