Monday, April 05, 2004

Lately I've really taken a liking to Great Teacher Onizuka. I picked it up one day because on the cover it proudly proclaims 37 million copies sold! I don't even think Micheal Crighton could do that with his best selling book. It manga though so the normal laws of nature don't apply to its sales.

Onizuka isn't the best nor is it my favorite but slowly it is on its way to becoming both. In terms of Anime I've been watching the first 21 episodes of Naruto, bad subtitles and all, and reading Shonen Jump. Onizuka is a little different then the stuff they put in the American Shonen, I realize it was originally published in Shonen in Japan but differing standards for differing markets you see. It has a lot more mature themes it deals with like teen outcasts, suicide and the vinidictiveness of all the teachers who want to bring Onizuka down.

Maybe what makes it great is that the character is flawed, but cool. Onizuka is by no means your standard comic book character. He's a 22 year old virgin biker gang black belt guy. In some ways he is a super hero. I forget which volume where he battles it out with some snotty kid in the arcade and as it was Onizuka was unbeaten at everything. It was really cool.

Plus because it is pretty recent there are PlayStation references and all other sorts of related information. I just got volumes 7 and 8 and I can't wait to start reading. When I'm not reading manga I'm reading about Che, which I was going to link the book cover but Amazon has some look inside crap that messes it up. While there though I discovered this:

I got to get me that. That should put me on Ashcroft's watch list. I had no idea that such a film existed.

So in conclusion if you are a grown up and like manga read GTO. Even if you hate it, if you give it long enough it will grow on you and you'll love it.
Blog changes...maybe. What about if I call it Samurai Pudit Guy? It rhymes and would be actually the truth. I'll ditch the Sengoku stuff and pontificate about the exciting fun world of videogames.

I played me a whole lot of Karatami Damashi, I think I spelled that wrong, this weekend. It has the best music in a Namco game ever!!! It is right up there with Mr. Driller Drill Land.

So it is Monday and I don't feel much like working at all. Daylight savings messedd me up and the weather is gloomy and crappy here in SoCal. There was this really great show on PBS about Astronomy. Which probably be nice to watch if it didn't run from midnight until four in the morning.

A google news alert just informed that there is a Samurai Warriors review up on netjak. Enjoy I'm linking it sight unseen.

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