Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Cheers to The Daily Outrage for pointing out how full of crap George Bush is about being "engaged" in thwarting Sept 11th.

Just the other day he had trouble remember who he trusted so much with the investigations at the F.B.I., but he knew if something specific was going to happend they would tell him:

"Q: I'd like to take you back to August 6, 2001, if I could, and ask you about your personal response when you received the [Presidential Daily Briefing]. Do you recall whether you called Bob Mueller and asked him about what the FBI was doing, asked about these 70 field investigations? And, also, did your mind go back to the PDB when September 11th hit?

PRESIDENT BUSH: Bob Mueller wasn't the Director of the FBI at the time.

Q: Did you call the Director?

PRESIDENT BUSH: I don't think there was a Director"

There is also a Washington Post article which mentions the memo and that he played golf the day he got it. I hope that someone on the Sept 11th commission asks him if he actually read it!!!

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