Wednesday, April 14, 2004

My liberal radio has disappeared on me. I was hoping to hear O'Franken's take on the Dubya press moment only to find that Air America turned spanish on me.

All the info that is fit to print is here. That really sucks, something tells me politics is behind this. If I had headphones I could at least listen at work.

Freedoms just another word... 

for when Bush had nothing else to say. Out of sheer boredom today I counted the number of times, Bush mentioned "freedom" last night the grand total was 21 times.

It seemed to be his fallback response to everything and everyone. My favorite freedom line was:

"Freedom is the Almighty's gift to every man and woman in this world."

Tell that to John Ashcroft, or the "free" people at Gitmo.

My freedom search was greatly aided by The Washington Post. Thank you for the text of the press conference.

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