Thursday, April 29, 2004

I have discovered a great new resource about the US in Iraq. rationalenquirer.org.

If you are one of the four people who read me bloody blog check it out. It is good I swear. I'm linking it permanently.
Inspired by cursor.org I thought I google all the times Bush was referenced in the news as saying "Most of Fallujah is returning to normal." Let me tell you it is alot. I really can't think of a more out of touch President except for maybe his father.

Soldiers die and Bush goes on holiday, yet proclaims that he is a "wartime President'. And in the case of Fallujah, the situation isn't improving at all, but it is returning to normal in his eyes. Yet from the public there still isn't the outrage and I believe a large part of that is becuase Bush and co. sell this Iraq excursion as extension of the War on Terror, not a seperate conflict.

The whole reason the military is trying to stabalize Fallujah and Najaf is because Paul Bremmer doesn't want to hand over power at the same time were shooting rockets at mosques. Locally in LA it got no coverage because the Lakers don't play in Bagdad, but if they did I guess then the local stations would cover it.

LA got its first terror alert from Homeland Securty. Terrorists now hate malls. Our very own Westside Pavilion is now a target!
If you live here still shop there, it probably is somebody who thought they could get out of work but threatening the mall.

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