Friday, April 30, 2004

Way to go George, Mission still accomplished! Or is it?

The Christian Science Monitor mentions the lack of mission accomplishing that has occurred. Also a little tid bit on the hand picked governing council.

I had no idea that it has been a year since W's photo op on the Lincoln. There was a big deal about how they kept them from docking so the President could fly in on his jet. That was the only way they could fly him in. Then there was bannergate, which really seemed to not interest the press at all.

It was all but a forgone conclusion that whichever Democratic ran against him would get slaughtered at the polls. Now it seems that all the slaughter is happening in Iraq and Bush's standing in the polls is shakey. From the looks of it this Iraq venture could be Bush's undoing. Now instead of pushing on more and invading Syria or Iran it is No War in 'O4.

These days Rove regrets the banner and the families of the deceased soldiers probably regret the war. Maybe Kerry will finally take a firm position on something and campaign as the guy who brings our boys home. Unfortunately I feel if he wins he might be pressured into invading another country to show the Republicans in congress that he is "tough on terror". Which according to Andy Rooney should be terrorism because tough on terror is bad grammer.

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