Monday, May 03, 2004

The post has a summary of world opinion. Bush is now Saddam Hussein. Really the whole "liberation" argument get poked full holes when the US begins treating prisoners like Saddam did. Of course that is what other pundits have said so I won't take credit for the thought.

I have to wonder where the hell is John Kerry during all this prisoner torture stuff. Does this guy think that he can beat Bush by not saying anything about anything. If he is trying to run a safe candidacy he's going to get pounced on. Some Democrats fear he "looks like Gore". Which if that is the case we better prepare for the draft in '05 after Kerry gets whupped.

My problem is his statements about his "familys SUV" and that he did or didn't throw his medals in protest. Kerry needs to define himself as a clear and better alternative to George Bush. Lately he has been failing at it. On one hand he has plenty of issues to speak up about, but on another he just seems to respond to whatever attack the white house dishes out instead of attacking them.

Now with this Iraqi prisoner issue in the news, I can't help but hope that maybe Kerry will sprout a backbone and start standing up to Bush. I'm not sure buying ad space is the way to do it.

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